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Blacked out performance Stella 4T

(Insert Lame ‘Green With Envy’ Reference Here) ›


How does the old saying go?  Something about chrome not getting you home?  Well like it or not, Ken, our tech advisor, has de-chromified this Stella – partially in homage to Stella’s P Series ancestors, partially because he is a chrome hater.

All bezels have been swapped out for black.  The clear lenses were replaced with... Read More »

Completely reworked Vespa with a new engine and a new lease on life

Vintage Vespa Refurb ›


While this scooter didn’t quite start out as a barn find, it wasn’t too far off.  It had its humble beginnings as a bodge job, meaning that, at some point, someone made it look decent and wired it up like they were high on glue.

Ryan Jeffries, Scooterworks alum, 100cc land speed record holder and all-around... Read More »

This Genuine RoughHouse has a beefed up engine and suspension.

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse ›


Scooterworks Tech advisor, Ken, took full advantage of an unsuspecting Roughhouse last week.  The result was a very angry scooter that he dubbed ‘The Slaughterhouse’.

With a suspension overhaul, the Prima race pipe and a slew of NCY performance parts, he took this scooter from a back roads errand runner to an asphalt hell raiser.

Ken replaced... Read More »

Custom Genuine Scooter

Don’t Fear the Reaper ›


One thing that sets the Genuine Buddy apart from the rest of the pack is the slew of upgrades and modifications available.  And another thing that sets it apart is the fact that you don’t need to change a thing to have a solid scoot— but where’s the fun in that?

Custom Buddys are typically geared... Read More »

Everybody loves a custom Ruckus

Rogan’s Custom Ice Bear Maddog ›


Michael Rogan is up to his old tricks. This time he has gone after the Ice Bear Maddog, a Honda Ruckus clone that has been spotted terrorizing the US streets for the last year or so.



His first priority was performance. By upgrading the ignition system with our NCY CDI, Direct Ignition Coil and Performance GY6... Read More »

This scooter was a 50cc do-gooder before Mike gave it a custom GY6 kick in the pants.

Behold, the custom Bintelli Breeze, by Rogan Scooters! ›


Ever wonder what your 50cc 4T could be capable of?  Ever wind up with a one-off orange Bintelli and spend a couple weeks turning it into a 150cc dragon slayer?  Well, Mike Rogan, of Rogan Scooters, did.  He combined his years of custom building, a wish list of NCY parts from Scooterworks, and a touch... Read More »