Another fantastic, high-end performance clutch by Dr Pulley. This one is made for GY6 150, Buddy 125 & Buddy 150, Blur 150, and SYM 125 scooters. Everything you could want out of a performance clutch, from fantastic machining and craftsmanship to great feel and response.

It uses a unique actuating method that no other clutch we carry does.  Instead of just angling out the arms to apply pressure to the bell, it first cocks them into place and then locks them into place to apply the full outward force to the bell.  The point is that your clutch isn’t initially dragging with much force (wearing out pads prematurely) and it is only fully engaged at the optimal spot in your power band.  The arm is also being pressed against the bell from two spots, the weight pin and the pillow pin, instead of one.  And, this is the only one we carry that made it all the way through med school.

It weighs 879 g.  The pads are 55 mm x 21 mm. 
It has an inner brace.

Outer Diameter: 140 mm
Inner Diameter: 15
Spline Count: 19

Dr. Pulley High Performance Clutch; Buddy 125/150/170i, GY6

Clutches (automatic)

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