Dr.Pulley high performance clutch HiT 161310 Get quicker, harder launches & positive engagement with these HiT Clutches. Everything you could want out of a performance clutch, from fantastic machining and craftsmanship to great feel and response.

Clutch Bell = 16 spline/ 107mm

Fits the following Scooters / ATVs: Scooter with clutch bell diameter 107mm: 50 90 100 ccm, Engine from Minarelli,Yamaha, Benelli ATV with clutch bell diameter 107mm: Minarelli, Yamaha engine

Outer Diameter: 122 mm
Inner Diameter: 12 mm
Spline Count: 16

DrPulley HiT Clutch (16spline,107mm); Minarelli, Yamaha

Clutches (automatic)

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