Gratuitous Axle Upgrades

Published on March 19, 2019

Your scooter’s axle is subjected to some of the worst city streets have to offer- things like road salt, potholes and plain old rainwater.  With this in mind, they are all typically beefy with a protective coating.  Thanks to the precautions that most scooter manufacturers take, a rusted axle is hard to find.  Your axle is probably just fine.

All that being said, we carry a line of stainless steel electroplated NCY axles and nuts that are even beefier and protectivier than the stock axles out there.  They are also designed differently than any stock scooter axle.

NCY Scooter Front Wheel Axle

While your stock axle is essentially just a long bolt and a nut, the NCY axle is threaded on both sides.  The dual threads allow even tightening from both sides of your fork setup, which helps properly spread the bearing load during installation.  The NCY axles also feature a provision for you to install a cotter pin on each side, which adds a little extra insurance against the nuts backing off.

NCY Scooter Front Wheel Axle

These axles are built for the rigors of racing applications, as an upgrade to whatever came stock on your scoot.  You probably don’t need them, but, if you’re already replacing anything on your front wheel, they are an easy install.  The electroplate finish also adds a nice touch of class, if you’re into that.

Model Axle Nuts
Zuma 50, JOG, DIO NCY Super Front Axle (Electroplated,10mm) 1000-1356
Zuma 125 NCY Front Wheel Axle (Electroplated, 12mm) 1000-1110 1000-1368
GY6, Buddy, Roughhouse NCY Front Axle (Electroplated, 12mm) 1000-1263 1000-1368