Scooter Tires and Rims

Ditch those dry-rotted tires your scooter came with for something better and safer. We carry some of the best brands out there, like Continental, Shinko, Vee Rubber and Prima, in 10 inch and 12 inch sizes. We even have them in 13 and 16 inches. We also stock tubeless vintage Vespa rims and Honda Ruckus rims from NCY.
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Tire, Continental 3.50 - 8S
Item #TC8
Price: $55.99
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Tire, Shinko Whitewall 3.50 x 8S
Item #TWWSH08
Price: $42.99
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LML Conversion Kit to 8
Item #1000-1269
Price: $152.99
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Rim, Chrome 3.50 x 8 pre 1966S
Item #R8SC
Price: $49.99
Product Out Of Stock
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Rim Nut - 8mm with 11mm o.d.S
Item #S 12011
Price: $0.49
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Stud, Rim  NOSS
Item #S 12468
Price: $1.29
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Malossi, Valve Stem Caps (Pair)S
Item #M 4213415
Price: $11.99
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