Vintage Vespa Parts

All of the Vintage Vespa parts and accessories, all in one place. Whether you're looking to add a new rear rack or windscreen, or you are rebuilding a three-port 150cc engine, we've got you covered.
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Bungee Cargo NetS
Item #1600-0011
Price: $7.00
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Prima Traveler Saddle Bag (Black); UniversalS
Product Out Of Stock
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T-Shirt (Ciao!, Black)S
Item #TSCI
Price: $20.00
Genuine Handlebars Hoodie (Black)S
Item #HS-GSC
Price: $40.00
T-Shirt ('55 Handlebar 150)S
Item #TSHB
Price: $15.00
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Prima Roll Bag (Small, Black)S
Item #0400-1023
Price: $118.00
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Hoodie (VBC, Blue, zip-up)S
Item #0100-0843
Price: $54.00
T-Shirt (Blueprint, Blue)S
Item #TSBP
Price: $15.00
Genuine Zip-up Hoodie (Brown)S
Item #HS-GSC2
Price: $63.00
Battery Tender Plus (12V)S
Battery Tender
Price: $69.00
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Vintage CatalogS
Item #CAT
Price: $0.01
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