Inner Gear shift cable (cable only) (requires 2)

Measures: 73”



Since you’re going to be working on that area anyway, you may want to consider these items:


Complete Gear shift cable (both inner cable, and outer sheath) use Gear Cable, Complete (Inner and Outer sheath); Vespa, Stella; Sku: 139402 (requires 2)

Complete Clutch cable (both inner cable, and outer sheath) use Complete Clutch Cable; All Models;   Sku: CCO2

Inner Clutch cable (inner cable only) use Clutch Cable, Inner (Long); All Models; Sku: ICO2

Tool, Fourth Hand - Cable puller/Holder; Sku: TFH1

Pinchbolt, Standard Cable; Vintage Vespa, Stella 2T/4TSku: 153198

Length: 73 inches
Diameter: 0.07 in

Inner Gear Shift Cable; Stella 2T/4T, Vintage Vespas (73")


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