• LML Conversion Kit to 8" Rim; Vintage Vespa
We have put this kit together for installing an LML engine on your 8 scooter. This kit allows you to go new while keeping those classic looks.

Kit includes everything you will need for the installation. You must retain the original hub nut and washer that came with the engine. Don't forget to order rims, tubes, and tires.

Parts included in this kit:

1 - 94535 - Rear Hub w/studs- VNA, VBB
1 - 110379 - Backplate, Rear Brake VBC,VBB
1 - 23831 - Brake Drum, Rear - VNA,VNB
1 - 78170 - Brake Shoes, Rear - 8 2 Pin
4 - S 12131 - Nut, Wheel - No Collar
4 - S 03111 - Spring Washer, 11 mm

Note: the LML engine (part number 145227NI) is geared for 10 wheels. Installing this kit will lower your top speed.

Modification of the brakes, hub and casings is required for proper clearance.

LML Conversion Kit to 8" Rim; Vintage Vespa

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