Perhaps the most popular kit for the 200cc (P, PX, and Rally 200) is all about high-RPM power. An aluminum-nikasil cylinder that many aficionados swear by. This kit will boost your displacement to 210cc, but also add better porting for added power!

Perfect when mated with a Prima pipe! The 26/26 carbs are very popular with this cylinder too. Check our our entire line of Performance Carburetors.

Performance upgrades are considered racing parts and are not covered by warranty. There are too many variables involved with user-installed parts, and pushing the limits of your engine tends to wear parts faster. Use at your own risk!

Replacement pistons can be ordered here:
A size
C size

Replacement rings can be ordered here.

Looking for more performance upgrades? We also carry a P200/Rally 200 high performance kit that includes this cylinder!

Malossi, Cylinder Kit; Vespa P200


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