• NCY Ceramic Cylinder Kit (58.5 mm); Genuine Buddy 150, GY6

NCY GY6 150 58.5mm Ceramic Cylinder Kit w/o head

Do you run your GY6 150 scooter at high RPMs regularly? If so then perhaps you should consider this bolt on ceramic 157.5cc kit for most GY6 125/150 engines. The ceramic coat allows for the engine to run a much higher RPM than normal. Part # 1100-1283, 58.5mm big valve head is a great addition to this kit and will add a couple cc's as well! Don't forget when putting a larger cylinder on your scooter, to upjet your carburetor. We recommend starting your jetting rich and then working your way down to the perfect mix.

Have a look at our Decompression Tube Assembly which replaces your dipstick and allows excess crank case pressure to be released. Good idea to install one of these alongside any cylinder kit upgrade.

When you purchase your cylinder, why not pick up a Spare Cylinder Gasket Set .

For a pair of crank cases that will accept that really big 63mm collar, check out these here
- GY6 Long Cases .

NCY Ceramic Cylinder Kit (58.5 mm); Genuine Buddy 150, GY6

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