High quality, forged brake caliper in orange from NCY. This two piston caliper is a great upgrade over the single piston calipers that are standard on most Jog and Minarelli scooters. Not only do you get better stopping power with this caliper, there are also many more brake pad compound options available.

You're going to want our handy Bleeder Valve (1600-0010) which makes bleeding your brake system much easier in tight quarters.

Pair that with our superior quality Braided Brake Line (1100-1238) for even better feel under hard braking.

Click here to pick up a pair of brake pads while you're at it (1000-1314)

This is also the same caliper that comes in the NCY Ruckus Front End Kits

Also available in redgoldorange, or gray

NCY Forged Brake Caliper (Black); Zuma 50, Buddy 50, RH50


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