NCY Hustler alloy wheel set in Black Ice.

Front 10 x 2.75 12mm bearings will work with Disc Brake conversion forks. Rear 10 x 3.50 for use with drum brake.

Matching front and rear rims for the Honda Ruckus (will also work with Metropolitan with disc conversion front end). Front rim is specially made to work with the NCY Front End Kits, receiving the disc brake assembly on the hub and a 12mm axle. Rear rim is designed to work with GET/stock engine.

Valve stems and tires are not included with this purchase.

See Front End options here:


*NOTE*  These rims won't work on a disc converted Metropolitan without NCY Triple Tree and modification to the front fender. 

NCY Ruckus Wheel Set (Black Ice, Hustler, 10"); Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus Mods

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