Due to the huge damand and popularity of the 3.5x10 and 100/90-10, Prima Whitewall Tires, we have expanded the line to 3.0x10.  Add these sticky street tires to your Buddy 50, Buddy Kick, Pre 2013 Honda Metropolitan, Sym Mio, and more to give it that beatiful style while not giving up an inch of performance. 

3.0x10 tires will fit on any bike that comes with 90/90-10 tire stock.  These tires are TUBELESS, but can be run with a tube for vintage scooters that utilize a tube type rim.

You'll also want to pick up a set of Aluminum Right Angle Valve Stems to complement your new tire purchase. You will be glad you did every time you fill your tires.


Prima Tire (Whitewall, 3.0 x 10) TUBELESS


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