The Genuine Buddy Black Out Kit is finally here!  

This set is great for anyone looking to darken their Buddy's otherwise cheery demeanor.  Chances are, if your Buddy has ever been knocked down, a few of these components could already use replacing. The Buddy Black-Out Kit is also less expensive than buying the standard chromed plastics.  Take that, stock components! 


Each kit includes the following:

Headlamp bezel

Left and right rear turn signal bezels

Speedo bezel

Windshield panel

Left and right passenger footrests

Exhaust shield*


These kits do not include the black Buddy mirrors.


Brand: Scooterworks

Fits: 2007 and newer Buddy 50, 125, 150 and 170s*

Color: Matte Black


*The exhaust shield will only work with the Buddy 125 exhaust

Genuine Buddy 50

Genuine Buddy 125

Genuine Buddy 150

Genuine Buddy170i

Scooterworks Black Out Kit; Genuine Buddy

Chrome / Metal Trim

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