• Scooterworks Low Mount Exhaust GY6

This is a lower-mount road pipe, designed to fit vintage-styled Chinese scooters with low cowling (such as the Cuxi and Bella styled Chinese scooters) and GY6 engines.

Fits:Vintage-styled Chinese scooters with low cowling and 125-150cc GY6 engines.

Product is intended as OEM equivalent for listed models. Any misuse, alteration or alternative application is prohibited by law.

Model Year
   2007-2010    American Lifan Industry, Inc.    LF150-25
   American Lifan, Inc.    S-Ray 150
   2007    Avanti Motorcycles, Inc.    GP-150 BETA, GR-150 LAMBDA, GT-150 EPSILON, XP- 150 DELTA, XPR-150 UPSILON
   Baron Motorcycles, Inc    PM150T, PM150T-10, PM150T-11, PM150T-17, PM150T-2, PM150T-28, PM150T-32, PM150T-4, PM150T-7, PM150T-8, PM150T-9, PM150T-PM
   2007-2010    CF Moto Powersports, Inc.    CF150T-5i E-CHARM, CF150T-6 GLORY
   Chuanl USA    LB150T, LB150T-12, LB150T-19, LB150T-2, LB150T-26, LB150T-5
   2007    CPI-USA    GTR150, GTR180, GX150
   EagleCraft    Cruiser, Eazy Rider, Flyby, Freedom Rider (new), Freedom Rider (old), Ghost Rider, Locus, Spider, Traveler, Trecker, Verano, Vintage
   2007-2011    Eton America LLC    E-Ton Sport 150
   FREEDOMOTOR USA, INC    YH150T-1, YH150T-13, YH150T-2, YH150T-5, YH150T-6, YH150T-T
   2008-2010    Genuine Scooters, LLC    Black Jack, Blur, Buddy 150, International, Italia, Pamplona, Saint-Tropez, Series Italia, St. Tropez, T-Rex, TO-Rex, TR3
   Goldenvale, Inc.    ARUBA-150, BAHAMA-150, BALI-150, BERMUDA-150, CAPRI-150, CATALINA-150, CAYMAN-150, ELLICE-150, FIJI-150, JAMAICA-150, KAUAI-150, OAHU-150, SICILY-150, TAHITI-150
   2009-2013    Hidria USA Inc.    Nitro, Sonic, Streetsoul, Twister, Veer, Velo
   Italica Motors Inc    IT150T-15D, IT150T-18, IT150T-20, IT150T-32, IT150T-35, IT150T-7C, IT150T-C, IT150T-E2, IT150T-R8
   2008-2012    JMStar Powersports    MD150, MD150T-10, MD150T-11, MD150T-12, MD150T-2, MD150T-3, MD150T-4, MD150T-5, MD150T-6, MD150T-7, MD150T-8, MD150T-9
   Jonway Motorcycle (USA) Co., Ltd.    YY150QT-7, YY150T, YY150T-10, YY150T-12, YY150T-19, YY150T-2, YY150T-21, YY150T-28, YY150T-3, YY150T-30, YY150T-5, YY150T-8
   2015    LEIKESTAR CORPORATION    Herox, Hornet, Legend, Mulan, Sky Wing, Star, Super Herox, Super Hornet, Super Mulan, Super Star
   LS Motorsports    FURY, RETRO, TRACER, VELUX
   2007-2012    MOD Cycles Corporation    CAGLIARI 150, DLX150, LUCKY DICE 150, PILOT 150, RETRO 150, ROADPOWER 150, RUNNER 150, SHOOTER 150, SPEEDY 150, TAGLIARI 150, VX150
   Motofino USA, Inc.    MF150QT-10D, MF150QT-2, MF150QT-21, MF150QT-7, MF150QT-CR, MF150QT-TR
   2006-2007    Pacific Cycle, Inc.    SCHWINN GRADUATE 150, SCHWINN SPORT LX
   Pioneer Motors USA, LLC    XF150L-4B, XF150T-10D, XF150T-10D RETRO, XF150T- 10E, XF150T-10V
   2007-2008    Taiwan Golden Bee    303R, Delivery, Sunset
   United Motors of America Inc.    Arrow, Boss, Concept A1, Falcon, Ilborro, Matrix, Movicity, Ovni, Piazela, Powermax, Runnest, Vertix 150, Xpeed
   2007-2008    Vento North America, LLC    Hot Rod, Phantera, Phantera GT5, Phantom, Phantom GT5, Phantom Li, Phantom R5, Phantom R5/GT5, Sauron, Xeidon

Scooterworks Low Mount Exhaust GY6

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