• Sidecar (10" Wheel, Rocket); Genuine Stella Automatic
  • Genuine Stella Side Convoy

Beautiful quality, handmade sidecars in the German Steib style.

These all-steel beauties come loaded with all the trimmings: windscreen, locking glovebox, crashbar, luggage rack, rain hood and more!

This sidecar even has upgraded suspension, offering a surprisingly comfortable ride.

Warning: Don't get a sidecar if you don't like talking to people, because EVERYONE will want to ask you about it!

Installing a sidecar yourself can be tricky! You may want to consult with your local dealer first.

Please note: This sidecar was specifically designed for use with the Genuine Stella Automatic.  It will not work on any other scooter without custom modification & fabrication.  If you are looking for a sidecar for a Stella shifter model, or any large frame Vespa, you're in luck.  If you are looking for a sidecar for your motorcycle, you should probably just consider selling it and getting a scooter, they're much more fun.

Please do not order this product online. Call your salesperson to check availability and get a shipping quote.

Lead times can be long on sidecars; call to check availability and current inbound shipments.

Download Installation Instructions HERE

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Sidecar (10" Wheel, Rocket); Genuine Stella Automatic

Scooter Sidecars

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