• Speedometer (Clamshell, 80 MPH)
Complete clamshell speedometer in miles per hour.

There are other reproduction speedos out there, but ours are the highest quality around!

Dimensions of face: 4.375 wide x 2.7 inches high

This speedo takes the thicker type cable, so you may need to switch your cable & pinion gear. For VBA, VBB, amd GL, use complete speedometer cable 99011, and drive pinion 93525 (all sold separately). For VSB, use complete speedometer cable 90525 and drive pinion 98655(all sold separately). Scooters that already have the thicker cable (Sprints and SS) won't need to change.

Also available in 100 KMH

Speedometer (Clamshell, 80 MPH)

Scooter Speedometers

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