Welcome to the Slaughterhouse

Published on February 16, 2014

While this scooter didn’t quite start out as a barn find, it wasn’t too far off.  It had its humble beginnings as a bodge job, meaning that, at some point, someone made it look decent and wired it up like they were high on glue.

This 1966 Vespa VBC was has been restored and is ready for the next 48 years of its life.

Ryan Jeffries, Scooterworks alum, 100cc land speed record holder and all-around good guy, took this 1966 Vespa Super home with him and brought it up to snuff.  He started by stripping the bike down to just a frame and a fender.  He saved what he could, but some of it was better off in the trash.  Ryan then did a bit of body work, repainted the frame and fender along with the cowls and tank, and redid the trim.  He ran all new cables and a harnessand replaced the rubber bits along the way.

Complete 150cc two stroke engine for most old Vespas

This scooter got a brand new LML 150cc 5 port engine, which included a 20/20 carb and a stock exhaust.  The new engine has an edge over its Vespa predecessor, with reed induction and electronic ignition.

1966 Vespa Super restoration shots

All of the fun stuff like the lights and switches were wired in.  Brand new bearings, suspension and steering went up the chimney with care.  The change over to a Sprint forkallowed this Super to run on 10” wheels, just like it always wished for.  Fresh rims, tubes and tires were installed along with new grips, levers, seat and speedo.

Vespa Super, chilling out by a wall, looking all brand new

Anyone who has ever restored anything knows that it is a labor of love.  Faithful restorations take time, money and an insane amount of patience.  NOS parts have long since dried up in many cases; repops don’t have same charm and, in some cases, quality.  If you are thinking about restoring the old Vespa in your uncle’s garage, or the one you got on Craigslist that ‘just needs a carb cleaning’, we’re here to help. We also carry some great books and manuals to help you on your way, and a boatload of accessories for when you're finished.   Partial build list: Two Tires Two Tubes Two Rims Deal (2T2R2T) Rear Shock (83816) Front Shock(137571S) Front Fork Assembly (152300) Engine Side Cowl(100097) Glovebox Side Cowl (91836) Cowl Rubber(135231B) Sprint/Super Seat (CSS1) Floor Rail Kit (FRKVNB) Centermat(85072) Centermat Trim (85074) Taillight Assembly (70700) Complete Cable Set(CCS6) 150cc 2T LML Engine (145227NI) Grips(60304B) Fender and Cowl Trim Set (90522) Speedometer (183586) Centerstand with Boots(91047) Gas Tank (94146) Stiletto Levers(70578) Wiring Harness (92563)