Soft Italia 42L Comet top case takes it all off.

The Soft Italia 42L top case detaches easily and has a handle. Take that, other top cases! You can pack it at home, pop it on the mounting plate, and pop it right back off at your destination. There are no anchor screws to fiddle with, or adjustable straps to unclip- you just turn the key in the opposite direction and pull.

Don’t want it to be detachable? Fine, be that way. There is a lock on the inside of the top case that will override the latching mechanism.

It is available in five different colors and comes with a Vespa or Genuine color-matched insert.  Still not convinced?  Check out how its smaller cousin stood up to our testing.

Maternity Scooter

This photo has been floating around for a couple years now.  It needed a blog dedicated to it.  Feel free to bask in its general awesomeness.

Of course, we don’t condone what is going on here- everyone knows that both cowls should be on as a safety precaution and for rear turn signals.

Scooter Trash

Photo by Justin Hall/scabooba.