Welcome to the Slaughterhouse

Scooterworks Tech advisor, Ken, took full advantage of an unsuspecting Roughhouse last week.  The result was a very angry scooter that he dubbed ‘The Slaughterhouse’.

With a suspension overhaul, the Prima race pipe and a slew of NCY performance parts, he took this scooter from a back roads errand runner to an asphalt hell raiser.

RoughHouse Scooter, this 50cc 2t means business

Ken replaced the stock cylinder with a 68cc ceramic NCY jug and head, and the NCY Direct Ignition Coil was added for hotter spark.  He swapped the stock carb with an adjustable 19mm Malossi carburetor to compensate for the bigger displacement.  The air box was replaced with the Scooterworks racing air filter for more flow, and the new carbon fiber Pinasco reeds make this baby’s heart a-flutter.  All of these changes mean that this little beast is breathing the way it was meant to, and getting all of the tasty premix it so craves.   He also installed the NCY Super Trans Kit, using lighter weights for more delicious torque, and a Malossi Kevlar Belt to handle it all.

The beefed-up front end on the Slaughterhouse is probably the most obvious upgrade.  Ken replaced just about everything he could with NCY parts, from fork tubes and the disc brake to the caliper and valve stems.  The result- a better ride that eats stoppies for breakfast.

Multiple angles on this scooter's performance upgrades

Ken also snagged our prototype low profile RoughHouse seat (expected this spring, in black and red) and installed the Scooterworks Low Down Shock, reducing the seat height a full three inches in the process.

All of these upgrades are well and good, but perhaps the most notable and reasonable for the sane rider, such as you, are the tires.  By switching from the stock knobby tires to Vee Rubber sport tires, he has added about 4 mph to his top speed, all while giving the Slaughterhouse a more refined, business casual look.

Sport tires and a race exhaust on a Genuine RoughHouse Scooter


Side by side of a stock Genuine RoughHouse and a customized, angrier one.

The Slaughterhouse is not affiliated with the Slaughterhouse Rally, which is held in Chicago every year over Labor Day weekend, and is awesome.  For more info on that, join their Facebook group or scope out their website.  This year’s details are coming soon!


Build List:

Prima Race Pipe, Genuine 50cc (PE-THIRTYTWO)

NCY Super Trans Kit; GY50/QMB139 (1200-1171)

NCY Rollers 16×13, 6G (1200-1051)

Direct Ignition Coil 0900-1075

NCY Cylinder w/ Head 47mm, 68cc (1100-1245)

NCY Adjustable Front Forks (1000-1134)

NCY 200mm Floated Disc Brake  (1000-1289)

NCY Forged Brake Caliper (1000-1311)

NCY Banjo Bolt (1600-0010)

NCY Throttle & Grip Set (0800-0102)

NCY Brake Line (1100-1238)

Prima Rear Rack (RRRAT1-B)

Scooterworks Low Down Shock (1000-1293)

Vee Rubber Sport Tire, Front (0600-0063)

Vee Rubber Sport Tire, Rear (0600-0033)

NCY Valve Stem (0600-0005)

NCY Axle (1000-1263)

Scooterworks Racing Air Filter (1300-1112)

Malossi Kevlar Belt (M 6112729)

Pinasco Reed Petals (P 10387503)

19mm Malossi Performance Carb M 1611028

Don’t Fear the Reaper

One thing that sets the Genuine Buddy apart from the rest of the pack is the slew of upgrades and modifications available.  And another thing that sets it apart is the fact that you don’t need to change a thing to have a solid scoot— but where’s the fun in that?

One of the fastest Genuine Buddy scooters around, thanks to perfromance upgrades

Custom Buddys are typically geared more towards performance than looks.  It isn’t all about an air ride, custom paint, and LEDs.  It’s about adding horsepower and torque, everyone’s two favorite ingredients.

Genuine’s tech advisor, Massimo, decided to have some fun after work last fall with a Buddy 170i prototype and created what he affectionately calls the Reaper.  The Reaper’s hobbies include wheelies, burnouts, really fast rides along the beach, and sewing.

Performance Genuine Scooter Exhaust

Massimo kept most of his engine and transmission modifications pretty simple by using our NCY bolt-on parts.  He beefed up the suspension and brakes with more NCY goodness, and tweaked the look with our blackout kit, low profile seat and sport mirrors (expected in stock this spring).  He also upped the ante by changing the transmission gearing, and more importantly, installing a racing stripe.  The only thing missing is more cowbell.

Upgraded NCY suspension and brakes on this scooter give is a more comforable ride with some real stopping power


There are quite a few sleeper Buddys out there, and you won’t know them until they waste you off the line.


Parts List:

NCY Performance Exhaust (0500-1014)

NCY Front Forks (1000-1279)

NCY Brake Disc (1000-1013)

NCY Performance Shock (1000-1044)

NCY 177cc Ceramic GY6 Cylinder Kit (1100-1014)

NCY GY6 Super Trans Kit (1200-1048)

NCY Decompression Tube (1100-1282)

Big Valve Head (1100-1445)

Low Profile Buddy Seat (0400-1050)

Buddy Black Out Kit (0300-0107)

Black Buddy Rear Rack (maybe it is like a spoiler or something?) (RRB1-B)

Stock Scooter Roller Sizes & Weights

This chart will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.


Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Buddy 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Rattler/Black Cat 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Rough House 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Buddy 125 18 x 14 11.0g
Buddy 150 18 x 14 13.0g
Blur 150 18 x 14 13.0g
Buddy Black Jack 18 x 14 13.0g



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
People 50 16 x 13 8.5g
People 150 18 x 14 15.0g
Super 8 150 18 x 14  
Super 9 2T 15 x 12  
People 250    
People S 250    
Grand Vista 250    
Xciting 250    
Xciting 250 Ri    
Xciting 500    
Xciting 500 Ri    



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Citycom 300i 23 x 18 17.0 g
Mio 50 4T    


Modern Vespa

Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Vespa LX50 4T 19 x 15.5 6.5g
Vespa ET2 before ’98 16 x 13 8.5g
Vespa ET2 after ’98 19 x 15.5 6.5g
ET4 125 19 x 13.5 11.5g
ET4 125-150 with Leader 19 x 17 10.0g
GT200 21 x 17 10.7g
GTS 250 21 x 17 11.0g
GTSV/GT60 21 x 17 11.0g
MP3 250 21 x 17 11.0g



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Vino 50 2T 15 x 12 6.5g
Zuma 50 2T 15 x 12 6.5g
C3 15 x 12  



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Metropolitan 16 x 13 7.5g
Ruckus 02-05 16 x 13 7.5g
Ruckus 06-09 16 x 13 7.0g
Big Ruckus 23 x 18  
Elite 150 (old)    
Elite 150 EFI (new)    
Reflex 250 23 x 18 21.0g