Rogan’s Custom Ice Bear Maddog

Michael Rogan is up to his old tricks. This time he has gone after the Ice Bear Maddog, a Honda Ruckus clone that has been spotted terrorizing the US streets for the last year or so.


Custom Honda Ruckus


His first priority was performance. By upgrading the ignition system with our NCY CDI, Direct Ignition Coil and Performance GY6 Regulator, he was able to squeeze a little more fire out of this beast’s belly. He also added the NCY GY6 Performance Exhaust for a freer-flowing throatiness and the NCY Decompression Tube, for good measure. All of this was topped off with a Scooterworks Performance Air Filter.


GY6 engine in a custom Ruckus Clone.


He then went after the handling, to better tame the beast he’d built. He replaced the stock tires with Vee Rubber Sport shoes and replaced the grips, bars and clamp with NCY-goodness for a more comfortable feel and a better look. Rogan decided to keep the stock ride height so the rider can lay the bike down on sharp turns and hop over speed bumps without bottoming out.

When we last spoke with Rogan, he summed it all up for us;

What I made was a practical custom that is meant to be ridden while still looking as if it runs off robot blood.

Robot blood indeed, Mr. Rogan. Robot blood indeed.


 By changing the handlebars, clamp, and grips to NCY, this scooter is one that momma would be proud of.


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The Scooter Kilt

Two years ago the world witnessed the first time a Scotsman, Brian, was allowed to ride a scooter.  The scooter was on loan to Scotland from a museum in Norway.  It was a Honda Spree.

It was mid-July, the coldest month of the Scottish winter, which they call Taigh-òsta.  The feisty Scot didn’t let the freezing temperatures deter him from his first journey on what townsfolk had already dubbed a “horseless horse”; he simply borrowed the kilt of Abernethy the Giant, who was mayor at the time.

The roomier cut of Abernethy the Giant’s kilt meant Brian’s legs were warm and dry during his ride.  While people may have initially questioned his fashion choices, Brian soon became a legend in the European scooter community, which had recently grown to over twenty members.

This Prima Scooter Kilt improves on Brian’s idea with these next level features:

-Large hanging loop that fits over doorknobs and handlebars for drying and storage.
-Reflective piping and logo to help you be seen!
-Waterproof 420 denier nylon shell to keep your legs warm and dry.
-Comfy fleece backing helps keep the chill away.
-Easy-access pockets with magnetic closure.
-Waist belt extends from 29″ to 51″ to fit all types of riders, even Mark.

scooter lap cover

Extend your riding season, get yours today!

Stock Scooter Roller Sizes & Weights

This chart will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.


Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Buddy 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Rattler/Black Cat 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Rough House 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Buddy 125 18 x 14 11.0g
Buddy 150 18 x 14 13.0g
Blur 150 18 x 14 13.0g
Buddy Black Jack 18 x 14 13.0g



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
People 50 16 x 13 8.5g
People 150 18 x 14 15.0g
Super 8 150 18 x 14  
Super 9 2T 15 x 12  
People 250    
People S 250    
Grand Vista 250    
Xciting 250    
Xciting 250 Ri    
Xciting 500    
Xciting 500 Ri    



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Citycom 300i 23 x 18 17.0 g
Mio 50 4T    


Modern Vespa

Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Vespa LX50 4T 19 x 15.5 6.5g
Vespa ET2 before ’98 16 x 13 8.5g
Vespa ET2 after ’98 19 x 15.5 6.5g
ET4 125 19 x 13.5 11.5g
ET4 125-150 with Leader 19 x 17 10.0g
GT200 21 x 17 10.7g
GTS 250 21 x 17 11.0g
GTSV/GT60 21 x 17 11.0g
MP3 250 21 x 17 11.0g



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Vino 50 2T 15 x 12 6.5g
Zuma 50 2T 15 x 12 6.5g
C3 15 x 12  



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Metropolitan 16 x 13 7.5g
Ruckus 02-05 16 x 13 7.5g
Ruckus 06-09 16 x 13 7.0g
Big Ruckus 23 x 18  
Elite 150 (old)    
Elite 150 EFI (new)    
Reflex 250 23 x 18 21.0g