Soft Italia 42L Comet top case takes it all off.

The Soft Italia 42L top case detaches easily and has a handle. Take that, other top cases! You can pack it at home, pop it on the mounting plate, and pop it right back off at your destination. There are no anchor screws to fiddle with, or adjustable straps to unclip- you just turn the key in the opposite direction and pull.

Don’t want it to be detachable? Fine, be that way. There is a lock on the inside of the top case that will override the latching mechanism.

It is available in five different colors and comes with a Vespa or Genuine color-matched insert.  Still not convinced?  Check out how its smaller cousin stood up to our testing.

Stock Scooter Roller Sizes & Weights

This chart will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.


Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Buddy 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Rattler/Black Cat 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Rough House 50 16 x 13 7.5g/8.5g
Buddy 125 18 x 14 11.0g
Buddy 150 18 x 14 13.0g
Blur 150 18 x 14 13.0g
Buddy Black Jack 18 x 14 13.0g



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
People 50 16 x 13 8.5g
People 150 18 x 14 15.0g
Super 8 150 18 x 14  
Super 9 2T 15 x 12  
People 250    
People S 250    
Grand Vista 250    
Xciting 250    
Xciting 250 Ri    
Xciting 500    
Xciting 500 Ri    



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Citycom 300i 23 x 18 17.0 g
Mio 50 4T    


Modern Vespa

Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Vespa LX50 4T 19 x 15.5 6.5g
Vespa ET2 before ’98 16 x 13 8.5g
Vespa ET2 after ’98 19 x 15.5 6.5g
ET4 125 19 x 13.5 11.5g
ET4 125-150 with Leader 19 x 17 10.0g
GT200 21 x 17 10.7g
GTS 250 21 x 17 11.0g
GTSV/GT60 21 x 17 11.0g
MP3 250 21 x 17 11.0g



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Vino 50 2T 15 x 12 6.5g
Zuma 50 2T 15 x 12 6.5g
C3 15 x 12  



Model Weight Size Stock Weight
Metropolitan 16 x 13 7.5g
Ruckus 02-05 16 x 13 7.5g
Ruckus 06-09 16 x 13 7.0g
Big Ruckus 23 x 18  
Elite 150 (old)    
Elite 150 EFI (new)    
Reflex 250 23 x 18 21.0g

Spark Plug Type by Model


Model NGK spark plug
Black Cat 50 BR7HS/BPR7HS
Rattler 50 BR7HS/BPR7HS
Buddy 50 BR7HS/BPR7HS
Rattler 110 BR7HS/BPR7HS
Buddy 125 CR7HSA
Buddy 150 CR7HSA
Blur 150 CR7E
Stella B7ES


Modern Vespa

Model NGK spark plug
LX150 CR8E
Vespa S CR8E
GT200 CR8E
GTS Super CR8E


Vintage Vespa

Model NGK spark plug
49-150cc except GS150 B6HS or B7ES (7 is a cooler plug, 6 is hotter)
GS 150 B6HS or B7ES
160cc and up B6HS or B7ES



Model NGK spark plug
Typhoon BR8ES
BV200 CR8E
MP3-250 CR7E/CR7EK
MP3-400 CR7E/CR7EK
MP3-500 CR7E/CR7EK



Model NGK spark plug
Cobra BR6HSA
Super9 LC BR6HSA
Super9 AC BR6HSA
People50 2T BR6HSA
Agility50 4T CR7HSA
Vitality50 4T CR7HSA
People S 50 CR7HSA
Filly 4T CR7HSA
Yup50/Sting BR8HSA
Sento C7HSA
Agility 125 CR7HSA
People S 125 CR7HSA
Super8 150 CR7HSA
People 150 CR7HSA
Bet&Win 150 DPR7EA-9
People S 200 CR7HSA
People 250 DPR7EA-9
People S 250 DPR7EA-9
Bet&Win 250 DPR7EA-9
Grand Vista DPR7EA-9
Xciting 250 DPR7EA-9
Xciting 250Ri CR8E
Xciting 500 CR8E
Xciting 500Ri CR8E
Venox 250 CR8E



Model NGK spark plug
Delivery50 BR7HS/BPR7HS
Delivery150 CR7HSA
Sunset50 BR7HS/BPR7HS
Sunset150 CR7HSA
LaserR5-50 BR7HS/BPR7HS
LaserR9-150 CR7HSA

We’ve made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this chart.  Always compare your plug with the new one before installing, and check your plug for proper color periodically.

Now in stock, color-matched top cases from Soft Italia!

Made in Italy by people who’ve been in the two-wheeled luggage business since 1969- they know what they’re doing, and they’re damn good at it.  These top cases feature a superior fit and finish, refined lock/latching mechanism, and a universal mounting system.

Now available in both Vespa and Genuine colors, because the only thing better than a top case is a color-matched top case.  Impress your friends and coworkers, maybe even that jerk, Steve.

We took some time in the Scooterworks lab to pit the Soft Italia top case against our old TC5 in a series of what we assume are industry standard tests.  The results were conclusive; the Soft Italia 35L top case was the clear winner: