Scooter 50 Minarelli piston 47,0 mm (+ steh. lie.), Honda Lead (68ccm Malossi Gu�zylinder)

10mm piston pin
Component of 346,172

* 237578B piston pin 10 x 38mm Scooter 50 Minarelli, Morini
* 366,941 piston pin retainer 10mm G (1)
* 354,501 * Piston ring 47,0 mm x 1.5 mm kit-complete (2 pieces)

346,172 is for spare parts

* 319,747 cylinder head castings Morini water cooled scooter 65ccm
* 317,083 cylinder head castings Minarelli 68ccm Scooter lieg.Zylinder aircooled
* 317,237 cylinder head castings Minarelli 68ccm scooter steh.Zylinder
* 318,284 cylinder head castings 68ccm scooter Minarelli watercooled
* 316,170 without cylinder head castings Honda Lead 68ccm scooter 50, SH 50
* 316,405 without cylinder head castings 68ccm Scooter Kymco DJ X, Peugeot Rapido, ST

Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. Check local laws before installing.

Malossi Piston (10mm Wrist Pin)


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