20/15 SI Spaco/Dellorto carburetor for VNB,VBC1.

*air filter note*
The carburetors we sell are an aftermarket part and not part of the original manufacturing process. The difference between your original and this replacement is that on your original carburetor the air corrector and idle jets are shorter so they sit almost level with the top of the carburetor, whereas on this replacement, they are taller and make the air filter difficult or impossible to install.

This is the main issue that causes confusion and you have two options to correct it:

A) You can remove the air corrector and the idle jet from your original jet stack and place them in your new carburetor.

B) You can purchase a P200 air filter which has a heart shaped cut out on the bottom to accommodate the larger jets. This means that there are some slight differences between them and the original equipment on your scooter. This doesn't mean that the carburetor won't work; it just means there will be a little more effort beyond plug and play.

Product is intended as OEM equivalent for listed models. Any misuse, alteration or alternative application is prohibited by law.

Vespa VNB 1962-1966, VBC 1965-1979,

20/15 SI Carb (Spaco)

Carburetor / Fuel System

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