Why ride a Genuine?

Genuine is a renowned frontrunner in the realm of two-wheel transportation, setting the industry standard. We understand that not all individuals prefer a traditional engine-powered vehicle, which is why we offer the perfect solution in the form of eScooters. Genuine eScooters offer a delightful riding experience, boasting user-friendly features while prioritizing environmental well-being. Meticulously designed with utmost confidence, our eScooters ensure your safe journey to your destination and even beyond.

Ride your way with Genuine eScooters!

Genuine eScooter Dealers

Genuine eScooters are available at dealers across the country or can be shipped directly to your door. Visit our dealer locator to find our nearest dealer.

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Genuine eScooter Support

Do you have a question about Genuine eScooters? Curious about the eScooter or ordering or putting it together, we are here to answer any and all your questions.