Why ride a Genuine?

Genuine is a renowned frontrunner in the realm of two-wheel transportation, setting the industry standard. We understand that not all individuals prefer a traditional engine-powered vehicle, which is why we offer the perfect solution in the form of eBikes. Genuine eBikes offer a delightful riding experience, boasting user-friendly features while prioritizing environmental well-being. Meticulously designed with utmost confidence, our eBikes ensure your safe journey to your destination and even beyond.

Genuine eBikes are Ready to Ride! Are You?

Genuine eBike Dealers

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Genuine eBike Support

Do you have a question about Genuine eBikes? Curious about the bike or ordering or putting it together, we are here to answer any and all your questions.


Genuine eBike FAQs

Got a question? Perhaps they’ve been answered here!

What is the difference between purchasing directly from Genuine eBikes online versus a certified dealer?

The only difference is you. All bikes shipped from Scooterworks.com arrive partially disassembled and will require assembly prior to use. If you purchase through an authorized Genuine eBike retailer, all of the assembly will be taken care of for you. You'll also have the benefit of putting a name and a face behind your new Genuine eBike. The dealership that you purchase through will be there for you if anything comes up down the road.

If you decide to purchase online and assemble it yourself, you will still have access to our customer support. Our reps can help diagnose and remedy any issue you may be experiencing.

How do I assemble my Genuine eBike?

Assembling a Genuine eBike is a straightforward process that anyone with a little mechanical know-how, and a few tools, can accomplish in about 90 minutes. Having an extra set of hands would be helpful.

There are four main parts to the assembly process:
1. Installing the handlebars
2. Installing the front wheel
3. Installing the fenders
4. Adjusting the bars, brakes and saddle to your preferences

You can also purchase a fully assembled Genuine eBike from any Genuine dealer.

Is there a warranty on my Genuine eBike?

There is! All Genuine eBike parts are warrantied for one year from purchase.

For complete warranty terms and conditions, please refer to Genuine eBike Warranty.

How do I warranty register my Genuine eBike?

To activate your warranty, please complete the warranty registration HERE.

If there is a technical issue with my eBike, what should I do?

If you have a technical issue, it is best to contact the shop where you originally purchased your Genuine eBike for further assistance. If you purchased your Genuine eBike from scooterworks.com, please contact us here.

How does the motor work?

Your Genuine eBike comes with a direct-drive electric rear hub motor that uses electromagnets and current to spin the hub around the axle.

The mechanical gears on your eBike are externally attached to the hub motor on the rear wheel; this is what allows your eBike's Pedal Assist System to translate your pedaling power into motor assistance. 

Just like on a conventional bike, being in the correct gear is important.

What is the top speed of my eBike?

The Genuine XS 750F, CU 500 and CS 500 are all class 2 eBikes which means that they can attain a top speed of 20 MPH restricted on a level surface.

What is the range on my Genuine eBike?

Just like with combustion engines, eBike ranges will vary by terrain, rider size and riding style. The main difference in range will be you, the rider. The more you use the pedals, the longer your range will be. Selecting the appropriate gear is also important- use the lower gears on takeoff and up hills and raise them when you're up to speed on flat or downhill terrain.

In our testing with a 190 lb rider, we got a range of 40 miles on a charge. This was in pedal assist mode 3, on mostly flat streets in stop-and-go traffic with properly inflated tires.

What is Pedal Assist?

In Pedal Assist Mode, the motor operates in conjunction with pedals. Pedal Assist Mode lets you go faster with less effort.

Can I ride off-road with my Genuine eBike?

All Genuine eBikes can be ridden on roads or on paved trails. The XS 750 is designed for light off-road use.

What is the weight limit on a Genuine eBike?

Weight limits vary by model.
XS 750F – 330 lbs
CU 500 / CS 500 – 300 lbs

Can I ride my Genuine eBike in the rain?

Your eBike is water resistant and can be ridden during average rainfall. However, for your safety as well as your eBike's durability and longevity, we advise against riding in heavy rain. We also strongly advise against leaving your eBike outside while it's raining. This can cause damage to both electrical and mechanical parts.

How do I use my Genuine eBike display?

Your display is more than just a speedometer! A few of the other features include battery status, tripmeter, clock and motor power level.

For a complete list of features and instructions, please refer to your owner's manual.

How do I get the most out of my Genuine eBike battery?

Your Genuine eBike battery is designed for years of maintenance-free use. Following these two rules will ensure that both you and your battery are happy:
1. Charge it! Don't wait until your battery is completely discharged. We recommend charging before you get down to one bar. Do not charge your battery for more than 24 hours and only charge using the supplied charger.
2. Store it properly! Don't subject your battery to extreme temperatures or weather. If you won't be riding for a while, be sure to top off the charge every month or so.

How long does it take to re-charge my battery?

It takes 6-8 hours to fully charge a fully discharged Genuine eBike battery.

You can prolong the overall life of your battery by charging the battery before it is fully dead.

What payment methods and financing are available for online orders?

Genuine eBikes accepts all major credit cards in addition to PayPal.