This is a high-flow crank case breather for your Yamaha Vino 125 made of billet aluminum from NCY.

This is a must-have for big bore cylinder kits, or for extended high-rpm running! Even with regular riding around town, some of the compression in your cylinder slips past the piston rings and builds up in your crank case. When you ride at high RPM, or when you add a big-bore cylinder kit, all that pressure builds up much faster and can easily blow out the seals on your crank case. Save the seals!

This unit bolts on just over your cam sprocket, where there is currently a plug. After bolting it on, just run a breather tube (not included) up under your seat or back to your airbox.

Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. Check local laws before installing.

Billet High-flow Crank Breather (Gold) ; Yamaha Vino 125 NCY


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This product is not intended for use on public roads or land.
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