This is a high quality 19mm CVK replacement carburetor for all GY6 4-stroke 139QMB 49/50cc Chinese engines. This carburetor is fitted with an 85 main jet. It's better than stock and boasts a larger venturi and an accelerator pump, which will frequently eliminate hesitation when you open her up.


- Accelerator pump

- Electric choke (2-pin male plug),

- Fuel and drain lines,

- Fuel filter

- Pre-tuned jetting for most applications.

- Quick-drain valve


This carburetor is used on Baja, JMstar, Jonway, Lance, NST, Peace, Roketa, Sunl, Tank, TNG, Vento, VIP and many others.

Auto choke

Accelerator pump

Remote float bowl

Venturi: 19mm

Airbox side: ID 29mm, OD 39mm

Engine side: ID 19mm, OD 28mm



Main: 85 (4mm thread PB)

Pilot: 35 (6mm thread CV)

Needle: Non-adjustable GY50 A4

Compatible jets-

Main: JETKH1

Pilot: CV style

Blue Line Carburetor (CVK,19mm); QMB139

Carburetor / Fuel System

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