Dr. Pulley makes some of the best performing variators, clutches, and roller weights in the world.  This HIT Clutch will maximize your your stock scooter or racing scooter's performance. The HIT clutch utilizes the push pin technology to create a more responsive clutching action, higher throttle response, and a more powerful mid range for hills and racing.

Variator kit includes HIT clutch and Bell.

Pair this kit up with a set of Dr. Pulley Sliding Weights, a Dr. Pulley Variator, and an NCY Performance Exhaust, and you'll sure to impress your slow, bone stock riding Zuma buddies. 

Fits Zuma 125, Vino 125, and Asia/European model Cygnus 125.

Outer Diameter: 133 mm
Inner Diameter: 15 mm
Spline Count: 16

Dr. Pulley Performance Clutch; Yamaha Zuma 125,Vino 125

Clutches (automatic)

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