These motors are so popular, we can barely keep them in stock! Why rebuild when you can install a brand new motor that's faster, smoother, and more reliable than the original?

This engine has electronic ignition, so you might need to change your scooter's wiring harness to get the lights working (see part EIKHK).

Features a single unregulated wire for lighting. You'll have to mount the coil somewhere on your frame.

Comes with an exhaust.

To install the LML engine on 10in scooters (all largeframes without battery or signals from 1959 and up), you will need the following;

- Voltage regulator and Ducati-style CDI
- EIKH1 (wiring harness)
- 89471 (switch-may come with harness kit)

Note: if you are going to retain your original harness and your scooter did not come with a CDI, you will also need part # ENGHARN

Note: installing an 8 wheel on a LML engine will change the gear ratio, consequently increasing RPM at a given speed. It is not recommended to install 8 wheels on this engine if regular usage will be above 45mph.

If installing on an 8 wheel scooter, you will need the 2-pin brake shoes, brake backplate, and hub & brake drum. If you have a 2-pin 8 motor, you can re-use these parts from your current engine.


Fits: 4-speed scooters, any large frame scooter 1959 and up, except GS150
Engine: 150 cc non-injected 5 port, no electric start

Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. Check local laws before installing.

Instalation FAQ can be found here.


Proper break-in instructions should be followed. They can be found here.


The wiring diagram can be found here.

Carb Jetting:

40/130 Idle Jet

160 Air Corrector

E3 Atomizer (mixer)

92 Main

Engine, (150 cc non-injected 5 port) ; no electric start

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