Scooter engines have unique needs that are not met by traditional motorcycle or passenger car motor oils. With this in mind, it is important to use oils specifically designed for scooter applications. Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic JASO MB 15W-40 Scooter Oil is a full synthetic lubricant specially designed to meet the needs of current 4 cycle scooters calling for the JASO MB service specification. Utilizing advanced additive technology, Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic JASO MB 15W-40 Scooter Oil provides excellent wear protection for prolonged equipment life, while maintaining proper frictional properties for scooter engines.

Your automatic scooter does not require the friction allowed by conventional MA oils- you don't have clutch plates that need to grab. MB oil is formulated with reduced friction modifiers.  This reduces the heat generated by your engine while increasing your engine's longevity and fuel economy.

Especially formulated for the Genuine Buddy 125/150/170i, Royal Alloy GT150.
For Buddy 50 2T use sku:1400-1085

For Royal Alloy GP300S, use sku: 1400-1094


CAUTION: Continuous contact with used motor oils has caused skin cancer in animal tests. Avoid prolonged contact. Wash skin with soap and water after contact.


WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm.

Genuine 4T Motor Oil (15W40, Full Synthetic MB); 1 Quart

4T Engine Oil

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