Malossi has done it again.  The best in Italian performance just made upgrading your GY6, Genuine 125/15/170, Kymco 125/150, or SYM 125/150 a whole lot nicer and way more Italianer.  Put the Malossi Delta Clutch up against anything.  We dare you!

This clutch features a spring preload adjustment that allows you to fine tune the RPM at which the arms release and engage.  To adjust the preload, you loosen the Allen bolt and shift the indexed spring retainer plate in the direction you want.  Shifting it to the right loosens tension on the spring and allows the clutch to engage to at a lower RPM.  Shifting it to the left increases the tension on the spring, meaning the clutch needs to spin at a higher RPM in order to engage.

It weighs 1054 g and has an inner brace.  The pads measure 48 mm x 23 mm.


All GY6 Based Engines
Genuine Buddy 125, 150, 170
Genuine Buddy Kick 125
Kymco Agility 125
Kymco People 150
Kymco Super 8 and 9 150
SYM 125 and 150
Lance 125 and 150



Malossi Maxi Delta Clutch; GY6, Genuine Buddy 125+, Kymco

Clutches (automatic)

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