• Malossi, Variator; Velo, Formula
Multivar Italjet Formula 50, Derbi Vamos

One of the first steps in the tuning of an automatic scooter is the installation of a new, improved variator. Finally, the variator at the heart of the drive.

Malossi has just developed such a multivar variator for all cars. Smooth start-up, larger shift comfort, mechanical resting at high speed and a constant driving performance that are the essential characteristics which the Malossi Multivar's track record.

Similarly, the tailor-processing, which included Variatorrollen and the self-lubricating plain bush for improved acceleration and slightly higher top speed.

Component of 517,128

* 297045Y0 counterpressure spring yellow racing d = 4.0 mm (+35 percent)
* 378,175 plastic slide set (3 pieces) for Malossi Multivar
* 669823M0 Variomatikrollen 16x13 7.00 grams

For the following engines:

* Morini - Derbi - Suzuki Scooter 50 air-cooled
* Morini Scooter 50 watercooled (Formula 50 LC)
* Suzuki Scooter 50 air-cooled to 1998
* Suzuki Scooter 50 water-cooled to 1998

For the following vehicles:

* Benelli 491 air-cooled 2003-2006 model ST with Morini engine
* Benelli 491 2003-2006 model RR with Morini engine watercooled
* Front DERBI VAMOS 1993-1995 with drum brakes
* Front DERBI VAMOS FL with Scheibembremse
* Italjet Formula 50 Air cooled 1994-1996 (Grimeca brake)
* Italjet Formula 50 Air cooled 1997 - (AJP brake)
* Italjet Formula 50 Water-cooled
* Malaguti CROSSER
* Suzuki ADDRESS 50
* Suzuki AH
* AJ Suzuki Sepia
* Suzuki AP
* Suzuki Katana AY air cooled to 1998

Outer Diameter: 97 mm
Inner Diameter: 17 mm
Spline Count: 22

Malossi, Variator; Velo, Formula

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