PINASCO shock absorbers are made with the highest quality material MADE IN ITALY, aluminum adjustment rings machined from solid, spring support in CNC-machined and chromed steel, double-acting calibrated spring in harmonic steel. The reaction force of a shock absorber is given by the resistance that the oil contained in it encounters in passing through the valves, consisting of calibrated holes and pre-loaded disc shutters. The suspension, through a millimeter adjusting ring, is able to preload the spring and create a compression calibration that varies according to the rider's needs.PINASCO shock absorbers are the perfect combination of sportiness and driving pleasure and give the rider unique emotions at every corner, guaranteeing maximum safety both in road holding and in the most abrupt braking. Applications: Vespa T5 125, Vespa PE 200, Vespa PX 125, Vespa PX 125 euro 1, Vespa PX 125 euro 2, Vespa PX 125 euro 3, Vespa PX 150, Vespa PX 150 euro 1, Vespa PX 150 euro 2, Vespa PX 150 euro 3, Vespa PX 200, Vespa PX 80, Star 125 2T, Star 150 2T, Star 125 4T, Star 150 4T, Star 200 4T.

Pinasco Performance Front Shock; Vespa Largeframe 10 in


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