The Polini variator is THE standard in upgrading your Vespa GTS Variator. Widely accepted as the best variator on the market, the Polini verson adds performance accrose the entire power band from take off to top speed. Don't believe us? Ask your Google Machine. It never lies!

Combo this variator with a set of racing rims and tires, rip down the highway with ease. 

Outer Diameter: 121 mm
Inner Diameter: 17 mm
Spline Count: 22
Vespa GT60 (2007)
Vespa GTS250ie (2006-2009)
Vespa GTS250ie Super (2009)
Vespa GTS300 (2010-2014)
Vespa GTS300 Super
Super Sport (2010-2014)
Vespa GTS300ie Super Sport (2010-2014)
Vespa GTS300 ABS Super

Polini Performance Variator (9 Roll); Vespa GTS, GTV, GT300


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