This is a lower-mount road pipe, designed to fit vintage-styled Chinese scooters with low cowling (such as the Cuxi and Bella styled Chinese scooters) and 50cc QMB139 engines.

Fits:Vintage-styled Chinese scooters with low cowling and 50cc QMB139 engines.


Product is intended as OEM equivalent for listed models. Any misuse, alteration or alternative application is prohibited by law.

Model Year
   2007    Avanti Motorcycles, Inc.    BETA 50, DELTA 50, EPSILON 50, LAMBDA 50, UPSILON 50
   2009-2010    Blue Eagle Motor Inc.    TPGS-801, TPGS-802, TPGS-803, TPGS-804, TPGS-805, TPGS-809, TPGS-810, TPGS-811, TPGS-817, TPGS-822, TPGS-823, TPGS-824, TPGS-826, TPGS-827, TPGS-829, TPGS-840
   2009-2011    Chuanl USA    LB50QT-15, LB50QT-2, LB50QT-20, LB50QT-21, LB50QT-22, LB50QT-23, LB50QT-3, LB50QT-4, LB50QT-5, LB50QT-6, LB50QT-7
   2006-2008    GMI-RSM Ventures, L.L.C.    102, 104, Expresso Euro, GMI 101, GMI 105, GMI 106, GMI 106i, MT50QT-10A, MT50QT-13, MT50QT-15A, MT50QT-15B, MT50QT-16, MT50QT-18, MT50QT-18A, MT50QT-19, MT50QT-2, MT50QT-20, MT50QT-3, Metro Duo Turbo, Sport Retro, Super Sport Turbo, Venus
   2007-2010    Goldenvale, Inc.    BAHAMA-50, BALI-50, BOCA-50, ELBA-50, JERSEY-50, KAUAI-50, MALTA-50, MAUI- 50GL, MAUI-50ST, MOOREA-50, NEVIS-50, PARADISE-50, SAMOA-50, SICILY-50, VENICE-50
   2010    Guangzhou Haojin (America) Co., Ltd    HJ50QT, HJ50QT-10, HJ50QT-11, HJ50QT-12, HJ50QT-16, HJ50QT-2, HJ50QT-3, HJ50QT-5, HJ50QT-52, HJ50QT-6, HJ50QT-8, HJ50QT-9, LK 50QT, LK 50QT-11, LK 50QT-2, LK 50QT-5, LK 50QT-52, LK 50QT-8
   2009-2010    GYG Powersports, Inc.    HN50QT-1, HN50QT-2, HN50QT-3, HN50QT-5, HN50QT-6, HN50QT-7
   2009-2014    Hidria USA Inc.    Nitro, Sonic, Streetsoul, Twister, Veer
   2015    Hua Rong International Corp.    X-MadAss 50
   2008-2012    JMStar Powersports    MD50QT, MD50QT-10, MD50QT-11, MD50QT-12, MD50QT-2, MD50QT-3, MD50QT-4, MD50QT-5, MD50QT-6, MD50QT-7, MD50QT-8, MD50QT-9
   2006-2010    Jonway Motorcycle (USA) Co., Ltd.    YY50QT-10, YY50QT-12, YY50QT-16, YY50QT-21, YY50QT-28, YY50QT-29, YY50QT-3, YY50QT-30, YY50QT-5, YY50QT-6, YY50QT-7, YY50QT-8
   2008-2012    Linhai USA, Inc.    Aeolus 50, Linhai 50
   2008-2009    LS Motorsports    CLASSIC, PASSERO, ROLLER CRAFT, VELOCITY
   2007    Marathon Motors, LLC    Cabrio FC50QT
   2010-2011    Motofino USA, Inc.    MF50QT, MF50QT-10D, MF50QT-2, MF50QT-6, MF50QT-7, MF50QT-CR, MF50QT-TR, MF80-2, MF80QT-2
   2009-2010    North American Imports,LLC    Crossrunner C50, Crossrunner E50, Crossrunner ES50, Crossrunner ESR50, Crossrunner GST50, Crossrunner SR50, Crossrunner SSR50
   2007-2014    Peace Industry Group (USA), Inc.    TPGS-801, TPGS-803, TPGS-804, TPGS-805, TPGS-809, TPGS-810, TPGS-811, TPGS-822, TPGS-824, TPGS-826, TPGS-827, TPGS-829, TPGS-830, TPGS-831, TPGS-840
   2012    PEACE POWER SPORTS, INC. DBA LUXE USA    GS-801, GS-803, GS-804, GS-805, GS-809, GS-810, GS-811, GS-822, GS-824, GS-826, GS-827, GS- 829, GS-830, GS-831, GS-840
   2010    Precision Powersports, Inc. Dba Diamo USA    F2, F8, Force, Gravity, Tuscany, Velocity
   2012    Saga Power Canada Inc.    Deluxe 50, Quest 50, Retro 50
   2007-2008    Titan Imports Inc. dba US Titan Inc.    MP50-01, MP50-02, MP50-03, MP50-04, MP50-05
   2007-2010    Xingyue USA, INC    BMS BEMINE 50CC, BMS FAIRFAX 50CC, BMS JIA 50CC, BMS ROBERT 50CC, XY50QT, XY50QT-15, XY50QT-4, XY50QT- 6, XY50QT-7, XY50QT-8, XY50ZK
   2016-2018    Yamazuki Inc.    YM50-8B, YM50-9, YM50-9A, YM50-9B, YM50-9C, YM50-B, YM50-C, YM50-D, YM50-E, YM50-F, YM50-G, YM50-H, YM50-J, YM50GYS-B
   2010    YX Motors (USA) Inc    Yinxiang YX48Q, Yinxiang YX50-C7

Scooterworks Low Mount Exhaust; QMB139


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