This new Tutti Ricambi Electronic Ignition Kit eliminates points-style ignition systems common in 1960's vintage Vespas by converting your engine over to a modern 12 volt ignition system.  You’ll enjoy brighter lights, longer bulb life and a noticeable lack of having to adjust your points.

Featuring a custom, lightweight P-Series flywheel, stator, and an era-correct Bakelite cdi/coil combo, this kit will perform at the highest level, but also maintain your vintage original style. In addition, the kit contains all switches and wiring components needed for a clean conversion.  New wiring harness included as this kit is NOT compatible with original OEM wiring harness or any other aftermarket harnesses. 

Never worry about dim lights, burnt points, and hard starting ever again.  Fits Vespa VNB, VLA, VNC, VBB, VBC 2 Port (Through 1976), VLB 2 Port (Through 1976), and all Sears AllStates from 1961-1966 (NOT BLUE BADGE SMALLFRAME)

Included in this kit is the following:

Sku: EIKSTATOR-NEW Converted 12 Volt Stator

Sku: EKIMAGNETO-NEW Customized Lightweight Flywheel (1890 grams)

Sku: EIKH1 Brand New Custom Wiring Harness

Sku: EIKCOIL Electronic Ignition Kit Coil (Period Correct) Bakelite CDI/Coil Combo

Sku: 12 VOLT 4 POLE RECTIFIER 12 Volt Modern Regulator

Sku: 89471 Front Kill Switch Assembly; VNA, VNB1, VNB2

Sku: 181637 Switch (12 Volt), Rear Brake; VSE, VBC, VLB

Sku: 48525 Boot (High Tension Coil); VESPA LF (Large Frame)

New High Performance Spark Plug Cap and Wire

Sku: SPCAP NGK Type Spark Plug Cap

Sku: SPWIRE Spark Plug Wire, Standard – 24 inches

Mounting Hardware:

Sku: S 15901 (2 required) Screw, HT Coil

Sku: S 12136 (2 required) Lock Nut, 5mm

Sku: S 03055 (2 required) Washer, 5mm

Download Installation Instructions HERE

Download Wiring Diagram HERE

Tutti Ricambi Electronic Ignition Kit; LG Frame Vespa 2 Port

Stator / Alternator

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