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5 Things That Every Scooterist Needs

5 Things That Every Scooterist Needs

So you’ve finally decided to man up and buy a scooter. First off, congratulations! Second off, this is gonna be awesome.

There are some things that every rider should have, like proper safety gear, insurance, a tool kit, etc. This isn’t about that. Buy a helmet.

This is about the accessories that take your scooter to the next level. NEXT LEVEL!!!

1. A Scooter Cover!
Prima Scooter Cover, Covers, Scooters

You may be asking yourself, ‘Why do I want that?’ and ‘Was that exclamation point necessary?’ Absolutely!

A scooter cover protects your paint job from the merciless whimsy of Mother Nature! No more faded paint, no more bird poop. Dry seats abound!

A scooter cover actually deters would-be thieves. They don’t know that you have a badass scooter under there. It could be a lame motorcycle, or even a grill (which you’ve decided to park on the street, for some strange reason). Scooter jackers don’t want to be bothered with an extra step.

2. A Lock!

Again with your ‘What gives?’ and ‘More exclamation points?’ For Reals!!

There are a bunch of options out there, for both young and old alike. There are disc locks, which prevent your wheel from spinning by blocking the rotor. There are also chain and cable locks. These can be run through your rim to keep the wheel from turning. You can also run them around your frame or through something on your scoot and wrapped around a nearby post, pole or sturdy dog. Even chaining two scooters together will work wonders.

When a thief sees a locked up scooter, chances are he’ll just look for an easier target. Who knows, maybe all of the frustration you’re causing him with your lock and cover defense will make him decide to get his act together and go back to med school.


3. A Rack!
Prima Scooter Rack” width=

This one probably makes more sense. Exclamation point!

Now that you’ve taken care of protecting your scooter, you can start living it up. A rack opens up the world of possibilities. They offer flexible storage space, a great place to mount a roll bag or topcase, and some even have backrests

While we all wish that our new life as a scooterist will be fun and fancy free, there will come a time when reality calls and asks you to pick up a gallon of milk and a watermelon. With a rack, you can oblige. Strapping your messenger bag or backpack down to a rack will also help you avoid Sweaty Back Syndrome.

4. A Bungee Net
Bungee Net” width=

That’s right. There is no exclamation point here.

The bungee net is the understated, sophisticated ninja of the scooter world. Even if you don’t have a rack, it can still be used to properly secure items to your seat. In a survival situation, it can even be used to trap small animals, probably.

It doesn’t take up much space in your glovebox or under your seat, and you’ll be happy you bought one, when the time comes.

5. A Helmet!
Bungee Helmet” width=

Joke’s on you! Of course you need a helmet, and of course it is on this list!
A properly fitting, DOT approved helmet is one of the easiest ways to make your mom happy. The best way to find the right helmet is to try one on in person. Why not bring your mom along? You owe her a lunch date, at the very least.

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