Blue Line Crankshaft (Complete); GY6

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Complete, OEM replacement crankshaft for a 125cc or 150cc GY6 Chinese scooter engine. Piston, pin and circlips sold seperately.

Product is intended as OEM equivalent for listed models. Any misuse, alteration or alternative application is prohibited by law.

Model Fitments

Model Year
   2009    AA Powersports Inc.    AA CARINO 150, AA EURO SPORT 150, AA INTER CEPTOR 150, AA MILANO PREMIER 150, AA PHENIX 150R, AA VINICE 150
   2007- 2010    American Lifan Industry, Inc.    LF150-25
   2017-2018    American Lifan, Inc.    S-Ray 150
   2019    American Lifan, Inc.    KP mini 150
   2019    American Lifan, Inc.    KPmini
   2017- 2019    AMSTAR MOTOR CORPORATION    Amstar Beyond 150, Amstar Eagle 150, Amstar Explore 150, Amstar Kaiser 150, Amstar Puma 150, Amstar Rock n' Roll 150, Amstar Speedy 150, Amstar Sunny 150, Amstar Valentino 150
   2015-2019    Amstar Motors LLC    Emperor 150, F10, F11, Frigate 150, JOC 150, R-X 150, R8 150, Shuttle 150, Ves 150, ZN150T-30A, ZN150T-32, ZN150T-50, ZN150T-52A, ZN150T-69, ZN150T-7E, ZN150T-7F, ZN150T-7G, ZN150T- 7H, ZN150T-E, ZN150T-E3, ZN150T-G, ZN150T-H, ZN150T-K, triumph 150
   2010-2011    Asian Ventures Inc.    Hope 150, Newport 150
   2007    Avanti Motorcycles, Inc.    GP-150 BETA, GR-150 LAMBDA, GT-150 EPSILON, XP-150 DELTA, XPR-150 UPSILON
   2009    Baja Inc.    Baja RT150, Baja SC150
   2007    Baron Motorcycles, Inc    PM150T, PM150T-10, PM150T-11, PM150T-17, PM150T-2, PM150T-28, PM150T-32, PM150T-4, PM150T-7, PM150T-8, PM150T-9, PM150T-PM
   2019    Bashan Motorcycle USA Inc.    CG150, GN150, GS150, PRS150
   2007    Benzhou (USA) Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd.    YY150T, YY150T-10, YY150T-11, YY150T-12, YY150T-13, YY150T-14, YY150T-15, YY150T-16, YY150T-17, YY150T-18, YY150T-19, YY150T-26, YY150T-3, YY150T-4, YY150T-5, YY150T-6, YY150T-7, YY150T-8, YY150T-9, YY150T-B
   2011-2012    Best Price Hato Tejas Auto Distributor, Inc.    YH150T- 12, YH150T-16, YH150T-17, YH150T-19, YH150T-20, YH150T-6, YH150T-T
   2013- 2015    Bintelli LLC    B85, B86, B87, Havoc, Scorch 150cc, Valor, Vibe
   2009-2019    BMS Motorsports, Inc.    Astro 150, BeMine 150 XT, BeMine150, Breezys 150, CONCEPT 150, Cavalier 150 LX, Chelsea 150, Heritage 150, Kerrigan T-150, Palazzo 150, Premier 150, Prestige 150, Roman 150, The Legend 150, Tuscan 150, Valkyrie150
   2016- 2019    Boom International Holdings (USA), Inc.    BD125-1, BD125-10, BD125-11, BD125-15, BD125-2, BD125-7, BD125-8, BD125-9
   2007-2010    CF Moto Powersports, Inc.    CF150T-5i E-CHARM, CF150T-6 GLORY
   2010- 2011    CF Moto Powersports, Inc.    CF150T-5i E-CHARM, CF150T-6 GLORY
   2010-2013    Chironex Inc.    Chironex Chase 150, Chironex Pistol150, Chironex RAD 150, Chironex REV 150, Chironex RPM 150, Chironex Vinny 150
   2007    Chuanl USA    LB150T, LB150T-12, LB150T-19, LB150T-2, LB150T-26, LB150T-5
   2009-2012    Chuanl USA    LB150T, LB150T-12, LB150T-19, LB150T-2, LB150T-26, LB150T-5
   2009- 2010    CMSI Inc.    TNG Baja150, TNG GS150, TNG Low Boy150, TNG Milano150, TNG SS150, TNG Volare150
   2009    Cobra Scooters    X Road
   2009- 2010    Cobra Scooters    Circuit 150, Peirspeed Del Ray, Peirspeed Monaco, Peirspeed R150X
   2007    CPI-USA    GTR150, GTR180, GX150
   2010- 2014    CSC Motorcycles, LLC    BABYDOLL 150 US, CLASSIC 150 US, GREASER 150 US, MILITARY 150 US
   2013-2018    DCI Motor (USA) Corporation    JN150T-10A, JN150T-11A, JN150T-12A, JN150T-13A, JN150T-14A, JN150T-15A, JN150T-16A, JN150T-16B, JN150T-18A, JN150T-3C, JN150T-5D, JN150T-6N, JN150T-7D, JN150T-8B, JN150T- 8G
   2012- 2013    Dongfang Motor, Inc.    DF150STE, DF150STF, DF150STG, DF150TKA, DF150TKB, DF150TKC
   2007    EagleCraft    Cruiser, Eazy Rider, Flyby, Freedom Rider (new), Freedom Rider (old), Ghost Rider, Locus, Spider, Traveler, Trecker, Verano, Vintage
   2007- 2011    Eton America LLC    E-Ton Sport 150
   2009-2010    Flyscooters LLC    Flyscooters Cadenza 150, Flyscooters Il Bello 150, Flyscooters La vie 150, Flyscooters Rio 150, Flyscooters Santa Fe 150
   2007    FREEDOMOTOR USA, INC    YH150T-1, YH150T-13, YH150T-2, YH150T-5, YH150T-6, YH150T-T
   2007-2009    FYM-USA Group LLC    FY125T-12
   2007- 2008    Goldenvale, Inc.    ARUBA-150, BAHAMA-150, BALI-150, BERMUDA-150, CAPRI-150, CATALINA-150, CAYMAN-150, ELLICE-150, FIJI-150, JAMAICA-150, KAUAI-150, OAHU-150, SICILY-150, TAHITI-150
   2008    Goldenvale, Inc.    ARUBA-150, BAHAMA-150, BALI-150, BERMUDA-150, CAPRI-150, CATALINA-150, CAYMAN-150, ELLICE-150, FIJI-150, JAMAICA-150, KAUAI-150, OAHU-150, SICILY-150, TAHITI-150
   2009- 2019    Hammer Brand, LLC    Blaze II, EX-150 Sport Edition, Jet Classic II, Lucky 2, Rugby II, V-150, GMW Blaze 150, GMW E-150, GMW EX-150, GMW Jet Classic II, GMW R-150, GMW V-150, GMW Vintage LX, GMW Z-150
   2006    Hi-Bird Motorcycle USA    QH-125-10
   2009- 2013    Hidria USA Inc.    Nitro, Sonic, Streetsoul, Twister, Veer, Velo
   2008    Hidria USA Inc.    Nitro, Velo
   200-2012    Italica Motors Inc    IT150T-15D, IT150T-18, IT150T-20, IT150T-32, IT150T-35, IT150T-7C, IT150T-C, IT150T-E2, IT150T-R8
   2010-2013    Jason Sky Incorporation    JL150T-12, JL150T-12A, JL150T-2, JL150T-6A, JL150T-7, JL150T-9
   2012- 2017    Jiajue U.S.A. LLC    JJ150T-13, JJ150T-15, JJ150T-16, JJ150T-17, JJ150T-23A, JJ150T-23B, JJ150T- 28, JJ150T-4, JJ150T-4A, JJ150T-4B, JJ150T-4C, JJ150T-6, JJ150T-6A, JJ150T-6B, JJ150T-6C, JJ150T-6D, JJ150T-7, JJ150T-8
   2011-2016    Jiangsu SACIN USA, Inc.    ST125-1, ST125-11, ST125- 15, ST125-18, ST125-19, ST125-6, ST125-6B, ST125-8, ST125-8A, ST125-A
   2013- 2019    Jili Scooter Import & Export LLC    JL150T- 14, JL150T-27, JL150T-29, JL150T-33, JL150T-36, JL150T- 3A, JL150T-3B, JL150T-3C, JL150T-40, JL150T-41, JL150T-51, JL150T-52, JL150T-54, JL150T-55, JL150T-56, JL150T-57, JL150T-58, JL150T-59, JL150T-8C
   2018-2019    JINDING USA LLC.    BOLT 150, Beast 150, Fury 150, JJ150T-13, JJ150T-16, JJ150T-16A, JJ150T-16B, JJ150T-16C, JJ150T-23B, Scorch 150
   2008- 2012    JMStar Powersports    MD150, MD150T-10, MD150T-11, MD150T-12, MD150T-2, MD150T-3, MD150T-4, MD150T-5, MD150T-6, MD150T-7, MD150T-8, MD150T-9
   2013-2015    JMStar Powersports    MD150T-7, YB150T, YB150T-10, YB150T-11, YB150T-12, YB150T-2, YB150T-4, YB150T-5, YB150T-6, YB150T-9
   2009- 2010    Jonway Motorcycle (USA) Co., Ltd.    YY150QT-7, YY150T, YY150T-10, YY150T-12, YY150T-19, YY150T-2, YY150T-21, YY150T-28, YY150T-3, YY150T-30, YY150T-5, YY150T-8
   2010-2011    Jonway Motorcycle (USA) Co., Ltd.    YY150T, YY150T- 10, YY150T-12, YY150T-19, YY150T-2, YY150T-21, YY150T-28, YY150T-29, YY150T-3, YY150T-30, YY150T-4, YY150T-5, YY150T-7, YY150T-8
   2016- 2017    KAITONG, LLC.    MD150T-7, YB150T, YB150T-10, YB150T-11, YB150T-12, YB150T-12D, YB150T-13, YB150T-14, YB150T-18B, YB150T-19, YB150T-2, YB150T-34, YB150T-35A, YB150T-35B, YB150T-4, YB150T-40, YB150T-5, YB150T-6, YB150T-9
   2008-2010    Keeway America LLC    ARN150, F-Act, Hacker, Matrix
   2015    LEIKESTAR CORPORATION    Herox, Hornet, Legend, Mulan, Sky Wing, Star, Super Herox, Super Hornet, Super Mulan, Super Star
   2007    LS Motorsports    FURY, RETRO, TRACER, VELUX
   2007-2012    MOD Cycles Corporation    CAGLIARI 150, DLX150, LUCKY DICE 150, PILOT 150, RETRO 150, ROADPOWER 150, RUNNER 150, SHOOTER 150, SPEEDY 150, TAGLIARI 150, VX150
   2011- 2012    Motofino USA, Inc.    MF150QT-10D, MF150QT-2, MF150QT-21, MF150QT-7, MF150QT-CR, MF150QT-TR
   2006-2007    Pacific Cycle, Inc.    SCHWINN GRADUATE 150, SCHWINN SPORT LX
   2008- 2009    Pacific Cycle, Inc.    Schwinn Avari 150, Schwinn Manhattan 150, Schwinn Newport 150, Schwinn Valo 150
   2014-2018    Peace Industry Group (USA), Inc.    RY150T, RY150T- 10, RY150T-11, RY150T-12, RY150T-13, RY150T-15, RY150T-16, RY150T-17, RY150T-18, RY150T-3, RY150T-7, RY150T-8
   2012    PEACE POWER SPORTS, INC. DBA LUXE USA    GS-804, GS-807, GS-808, GS-810, GS-811, GS-813, GS-814, GS-822, GS-825, GS-828, GS-830, GS-831
   2007    Pioneer Motors USA, LLC    XF150L-4B, XF150T-10D, XF150T-10D RETRO, XF150T-10E, XF150T-10V
   2010    Precision Powersports, Inc. Dba Diamo USA    Classic, Passero, Velocity
   2013    Puma Cycles Corporation    PCC Amstar 150, PCC Apache 150, PCC Apollo 150, PCC Beyond 150, PCC Eagle 150, PCC Envy 150, PCC Falcon 150, PCC Forever 150, PCC Free Bird 150, PCC Jakester 150, PCC Juliet 150, PCC Roadstar 150, PCC Rocky 150, PCC Romeo 150, PCC Songbird 150, PCC Speedo 150, PCC Valentine 150
   2010- 2012    Puma Cycles Corporation    PCC Amstar 150, PCC Apache 150, PCC Apollo 150, PCC Beyond 150, PCC Eagle 150, PCC Envy 150, PCC Falcon 150, PCC Forever 150, PCC Free Bird 150, PCC Jakester 150, PCC Juliet 150, PCC Roadstar 150, PCC Rocky 150, PCC Romeo 150, PCC Songbird 150, PCC Speedo 150, PCC Valentine 150
   2009-2013    Qlink-Keeway America, LLC dba QBK Motors    QLINK Rave 150, Qlink MT 150, Qlink QJ150-A, Qlink QJ150-B, Qlink QJ150-C, Qlink Sting 150, Qlink Zip 150
   2007- 2010    QP-Sports, Inc.    HY150T, HY150T-10, HY150T-11, HY150T-2, HY150T-3, HY150T-4, HY150T-5, HY150T-6, HY150T-7, HY150T-8, HY150T-9
   2015    Spira4u Co. Ltd.    Spira4U
   2009    Stealth Muffler Corporation    Stealth 150, Stealth Gem 150, Stealth SeaGem 150
   2009    Sunbeam Motorsports Inc.    Sunbeam 150 Jet, Sunbeam 150E, Sunbeam 150M, Sunbeam 150ML, Sunbeam 150S, Sunbeam 150ST, Sunbeam 150TS
   2009    SunL Group, Inc.    SL-150T-12, SL-150T-18, SL-150T-19, SL-150T-21, SL-150T-26, SL-150T-27, SL- 150T-28, SL-150T-30, SL-150T-31, SL-150T-32, SL-150T- 33, SL-150T-34, SL-150T-6, SL-150T-6D, SL-150T-6E
   2006-2007    Sunright International of America, Inc.    AEOLUS150, LH150, POWERMAXX150, SR150
   2007- 2008    Taiwan Golden Bee    303R, Delivery, Sunset
   2008    Tank Sports, Inc.    Cityboy 150, Classic 150, Courier 150, Racer 150 DS, Racer 150 TR16, Retro 150, Sporty 150, Sporty 150 DE, Sporty 150 EE, Touring 150 DE, Viaggio 150
   2012- 2020    Tao Motor Inc.    Galaxy 150, Phoenix150, Pilot 150, Yuni 150, ATM150-B, ATM150-C, BWS 150, CY150-B, EVO 150, LANCER 150, PALADIN 150, POWERMAX 150, ROMAN 150
   2009-2014    Titan Imports Inc. dba US Titan Inc.    Meiduo MD150T, Meiduo MD150T-10, Meiduo MD150T-11, Meiduo MD150T-15, Meiduo MD150T-2, Meiduo MD150T-3, Meiduo MD150T-4, Meiduo MD150T-5, Meiduo MD150T-6, Meiduo MD150T-7, Meiduo MD150T-8, Meiduo MD150T-9, Velocity MP150, Velocity MP150-10, Velocity MP150-11, Velocity MP150-12, Velocity MP150-2, Velocity MP150-3, Velocity MP150-4, Velocity MP150-5, Velocity MP150-6, Velocity MP150-7, Velocity MP150-8, Velocity MP150-9
   2015- 2017    TMEC POWER (USA) INC.    TMEC150T-1, TMEC150T-10, TMEC150T-13, TMEC150T-2, TMEC150T-3, TMEC150T-5, TMEC150T-6, TMEC150T-7, TMEC150T-8
   2007-2009    United Motors of America Inc.    Arrow, Boss, Concept A1, Falcon, Ilborro, Matrix, Movicity, Ovni, Piazela, Powermax, Runnest, Vertix 150, Xpeed
   2014- 2015    UT VEHICLE, INC    RY150T, RY150T-10, RY150T-11, RY150T-2, RY150T-3, RY150T-4, RY150T-5, RY150T-6, RY150T-7, RY150T-8, RY150T-9
   2013-2016    Value Group Enterprises dba SSR Motorsports    ARIA-Z 150, GENSEN-Z 150, Interceptor 150, MONACO-Z 150, PACIFICA 150, Rowdy 150, SONIC-Z 150, TITAN-Z 150, TURINO 150, VERONA 150, X6-Z 150
   2007- 2008    Vento North America, LLC    Hot Rod, Phantera, Phantera GT5, Phantom, Phantom GT5, Phantom Li, Phantom R5, Phantom R5/GT5, Sauron, Xeidon
   2017    Wangye USA Co., LLC    WY150T-105, WY150T-106, WY150T-18, WY150T-197, WY150T-198, WY150T-199, WY150T-40, WY150T-41, WY150T-70, WY150T-74, WY150T-8, WY150T-88, WY150T-90
   2015- 2019    YULUO GLOBAL MOTOR, INC.    Adventure, BWS, Diana, Dragon, Explore B, Force, GTS, Grizzy, New Star, Predator A, RT, Raptor E, Runner B, SWORD MAN, Shadow, Shark, Unicorn, Victoria, Zuma
   2007-2008    Zongshen Inc.    ZS125T-30, ZS125T-32
   2007- 2008    Zongshen Inc.    ZS150T-3, ZS150T-4

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