Sidecar (10" Wheel, Rocket); Vespa Large Frame, Stella

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Beautiful quality, handmade sidecars in the German Steib style.

These all-steel beauties come loaded with all the trimmings: windscreen, locking glovebox, crash bar, luggage rack and more!

This sidecar even has its own great suspension, offering a surprisingly comfortable ride.

Warning: Don't get a sidecar if you don't like talking to people, because EVERYONE will want to ask you about it!

Lead times can be LONG on sidecars; call to check availability and current inbound shipments.

Installing a sidecar yourself can be tricky! You may want to consult with your local dealer first or check out the sidecar installation tutorial .

***Note*** Please do not order this product online. Call your salesperson to check availability and get a shipping quote.

What bikes does this Sidecar fit?

This Sidecar is designed to work with Vintage Largeframe Vespas , Stella 2T and Stella 4T. 

Largeframe vintage Vespas are defined as Vespas that run on 10” wheels. This Sidecar WILL NOT work on the Stella Automatic.  It will not work on modern automatic Vespas that happen to have a large frame.  It will work on VBA, VBB, VNA, VNB, VSD, VSE, VLX, VSX & VNX, provided that they are on 10" wheels.    

To determine your wheel size, look at your rims.

If your wheels are held onto the wheel hub by four lug nuts in the middle of the rim, then you have 8” rims. That means this Sidecar will NOT work with your bike.  

If your rims are attached to the wheel hub by five 13mm nuts on the inside perimeter of your rims, then you have 10” rims.

Tire dimensions can also be found on the sidewall.

It is possible to buy an 8” to 10” wheel conversion, which means the sidecar would then be compatible.

You cannot use this sidecar with a Vintage Vespa with 8” rims and the 10” rims on the sidecar.   

This sidecar will not work on any other scooter or motorcycle, as-is. 

To make it fit with any other type of scooter, you would have to consult a local metal fabrication shop and discuss creating a custom mounting system. Unless you have a great relationship with a metal fabricator, this could be a very expensive project.  Scooterworks USA does not provide this service, and we do not have anyone to refer you to.


There are many factors that determine delivery costs. Including, but not limited to:


Is the location in a remote area?

Is the location a residential or commercial address?

Does the delivery location have a forklift or loading dock, or will liftgate service be required?

Do not expect the delivery driver to do any more than lower the crate from the truck to the ground.  Do not expect the delivery driver to be "cool" with helping you and your "buddy" Ricky carry the sidecar off of the truck to "out back, by them old barrels."


Shipping Dimensions: 

76” Long x 32”Deep x 29” High

Crate Weight: 320lbs

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  • Flat-rate shipping for orders shipped to the 48 Contiguous United States.
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