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Throttle Slide(Reprod,8492.4)24/24

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Dell'orto SI Throttle Slide

The throttle slide limits the flow of air to the engine. Its' degree of opening is determined by turning the throttle grip. The further it is opened the more air can flow in. Some throttle slides have air pockets on the top side and cut sections (so-called 'cutaways') on the underside. These add additional air to the fuel mixture and make it leaner as a result. The slides with the flat underside do not add any additional air and are therefore ideal for compensating a leaner middle range. To be able to comply with the required emissions standards for the Genuine Stella 2T and newer (read '04-on PX, the SI carburetors that are currently available are fitted with a throttle slide with 2 additional air pockets. This leans the mixture such that partial load pre-detonation and piston jams, or soft-seizing, can occur on tuned engines. The solution to this problem is to replace the throttle slide with a thicker throttle valve without any air pockets (e.g. 20/20 throttle slide 6823.4, part #123486). Scooterworks throttle slides are also available in the following versions:

#132370 (Dell'orto Part) 6823.1 Slide For 20/15,20/17 & 20/20 applications. Features: Cutaway on bottom/Lean or Stock Found on: Vespa VNB, VBB, VNL, VBC, VLB, VNX, VLX

#150046 (Reproduction) 6823.6 Slide For 20/15, 20/17 & 20/20 applications. Features: Cutaway on bottom/Leanest or Stock Found on: USA, PR & AUS market P125X(VNX)

#123486 (Dell'orto Part) 6823.4 Slide For 20/20 applications. Features: Flat Bottom/Stock or Tuned Found on: VNL2T(GTR), VNL3T(TS), VLB(Sprint & Sprint Veloce), VSD(Rally 180), VNX(P125X), VLX(P150X)

#183140 (Reproduction) 8492.4 Slide For 24/24 applications. Features: Cutaway on bottom/Lean or Stock Found on: VSX(P200E & PX200E)

#167059 (Dell'orto Part) 8492.1 Slide For 24/24 applications. Features: Air Pockets on top, Flat Bottom/Stock or Tuned Found on: VSE(Rally 200), VSX(P200E & PX200E)

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