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Where can I find parts for this scooter I bought online?

Where can I find parts for this scooter I bought online?

If you’ve ever asked yourself or Google this question, chances are you own a Chinese scooter.

If no one has ever heard of your scooter before, chances are also good that you own a Chinese scooter.

If your new scooter is not a Vespa, Piaggio, Kymco, Genuine, Honda or Yamaha, chances are you own a Chinese scooter.

Chinese scooters generally get a bad rap, and this is largely due to poor support, but they aren’t all bad! Chinese scooters are inexpensive and so are their parts. You can pick up a brand new, decent Chinese scooter for under $1,000, and you can get a replacement carb for that scooter for under $50. You can’t do that with any of the aforementioned name brands.

The vast majority of four stroke Chinese scooters have one of two engine types- GY6 or QMB139

-If it is a 125cc or 150cc four stroke, it is typically lumped under the GY6 term. Other terms for 125cc and 150cc GY6 engines are 152QMI and 157QMJ (also QMI152 and QMJ157), respectively, and simply QMI and QMJ, if you’re into the whole brevity thing.

-QMB139 refers to 50cc four stroke models. Other common terms are GY50 and 139QMB. It is a variation of the GY6 power plant.

This is not to say that all Chinese scooter engines are identical. Manufacturers make small changes regularly, even within the same model year. Some engines are wired for DC, some are AC. Some stators are 6 coil, some are 11.

We do our best to stock the highest quality and lowest priced replacement GY6 and QMB139 parts for most of the Chinese scooters on the market today. Scooterworks USA is able to provide customers with nearly every engine, transmission, and consumable part needed to get your GY6 or QMB139 back up and running. We also stock a wide array of performance parts to get it running even faster.

We have diagrams up for the GY6 and QMB139 engine and transmission, and they are a good starting point. If you already have the busted part in your hand, and you’re getting grease all over your phone while you read this, comparing it to the photo on our website is also a great way to make sure you’re getting the right part.

Some common parts that fail or wear out on Chinese scooters are coils, switches, CDIs, pistons, carburetors, belts, rollers, stators and regulators.

There is also a ton of good info in the forums, 49ccScoot, ScootDawg, and ScooterDoc.

Still stuck? Can’t find the GY6 scooter parts or QMB139 scooter parts you are looking for? Contact Us!

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